About Us

Hey fashion lover! Thank you for taking the time to visit our store. We know you have a lot of options out there when it comes to finding Haute looks at even hotter prices but we want you to know that we value your business and efforts to #shopsmall at our boutique business.

Who are we? I’m April and I’m the fun #bossbabe who makes all the sweet selections and sources these killer finds. Brian is my wonderful, and supportive fiancé. Together we are the proud owners of Royalty Posh. We are dog parents to our three lovable and sometimes crazy #furbabies. We are huge animal lovers!

When we aren’t working you can find us doing some pretty #crunchy stuff. Yoga, trying new vegetarian places or recipes, or just being outside to enjoy this awesome planet!

People in the past have said that April loves a nice organized space and several have thrown out words like “germaphobe” or “obsessively cleaning” but she takes that as a compliment. After a hard day’s work, she likes to unwind with some tasty tacos or a nice big glass of wine.

Our vision: As a lover of luxury at a great price. April took the leap to craft her own business in October 2018.  She wanted to bring her passion, and background of expertise for fashion at a killer price to the masses. Making unique items more inclusive for all women no matter what’s in the bank account. As environmentalists Royalty Posh is always seeking out ways to reduce waste created by the fashion industry and Royalty Posh is our answer to the small part of saving the planet we call home. April had a strong desire to create a site where people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and budgets could complete a “dream outfit”. Adding those perfect shoes or upgrading the handbag that typically was out of range. Here at Royalty Posh, we want you to get not just the jumpsuit or dress, but the shoes, accessories, and purse needed to make you the “it outfit” that everyone else was talking about. April believes that a woman’s outfit strongly impacts how she feels about herself. Everyone deserves to feel royal, and that is what she sought to create.

A special note:

I am so grateful for this journey and that I get to do every single day. I am blessed beyond words. Whether you are a first time guest, a loyal Royal, or simply a daydreamer, We are so grateful you are here. Our hope is that you will allow us the opportunity to impress you and make you feel as royal as you are!



-A & B

+ The Three.